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Teachers of Excellence

Purpose:  Crowley's Ridge Educational Service Cooperative wishes to recognize and celebrate high performing classroom teachers and provide them with an opportunity to share their expertise with their colleagues. This year, we would like to specifically highlight teachers who have been successful with virtual and hybrid instruction.


Eligibility:  Any teacher employed within the Crowley's Ridge Educational Service Cooperative area who is nominated.


Nomination Process:  Click here to fill out the nomination form


April 1st is the deadline for nominations.


Selection process

·   Each nominated teacher will receive a letter of invitation and application to participate. These applications are due by April 15th.

·      The Cooperative staff, working with the Teacher Center Committee, will establish the areas of need for the summer's professional development calendar and review the Teachers of Excellence applications.

·      Teachers who can provide the identified services will be issued a contract and associated documents for a summer PD session or sessions.

·      Selected teachers will be notified in April.




·      All presenters are expected to utilize best practices in order to professionally and effectively deliver professional development.

·      Information about best practices will be shared in conjunction with the contract.

·      All presentations must have clear objectives and able aligned to appropriate standards or established, content-based expectations.

·      The Teacher Center Coordinator and other co-op staff are available to provide feedback on a presentation before the teacher presents.

·      The contract will include the name of the session/s and the date/s for all presentations. The session/s will be scheduled through ESC Works and added to our summer calendar.

·      All presenters will receive compensation for their services. The stipend awarded to a presenter is $300 per 6-hour day. In the event that there is more than one presenter, the stipend will divided equally among those presenting. The stipend amount will be reduced if a 6-hour PD is not presented.

·      Teachers of Excellence should receive their stipends within two weeks of the presentation. This may be adjusted if there are multiple presentations by the same teacher.

·      Each Teacher of Excellence will receive double PD credit hours for presenting.

·      All presenters will receive a copy of the evaluations from the participants.


For questions or inquiries please contact Dawn Bessee, EdD, by email at or by phone at 870.578.0303.

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